Welcome to the Forest
This is where the wild chao live and play, but also have to look out for predators. this is also where they go when they are not wanted.

This forest is filled with trees that are flat leafed and bear few fruits. A few trees here and there bear rich fruits that will up certain stats. A calm river flows through this land.
Chao living here:

Glass-female- two tone pink hero swiming- Swim, normal; Run, weak; Power, weak; Fly, weak; Stamina, normal-3
befriended to Blitzray

Blitzray-female- swimming hero- Swim, normal; Run, weak; Power, weak; Fly, sweak; Stanima, normal-3
befriended to Glass

Borok-Male-Black devil chao-Running, strong; flying, normal; Stamina, swim, power weak-3

Jemei-Female-Dark Swim/Fly-
Swim, Fly normal; Power, Run, stamina weak-3 

Cojiro-Male-stamina,fly, power, run and swim are weak- rare chacron wolf chao in existence-newborn

This is where forest chao will live