Welcome to Chao Garden
This is the garden where chao live. THis garden is a mix between the three gardens, Dark, Hero, and Normal.
The hero section contains many beautiful, glowing, fruitful trees with pretty, stome huts on the ground. THere's also an old stone bell tower (like the on in sa2b) that rests near a large lake of teal water, with flows into a gentle river
The Normal section is ful of tall trees with many types of fruits that up stats and some that can heal wounds. The houses are wooden huts that hang on ropes suspended between trees, and a few ponds lay here in there, which streams run from them and connect into a small river
The Dark section is a baren land scape that has few fruit baring trees and cool under ground dens which have glowing gems in them so the chao can see. This place has a red, still lake with a iver coming off it.
There is a place where the land slopes away and all three rivers, teal, blue, and red, combine in a massive, rainbow ish pool. No one knows what this water does, but one thing is for sure: Go in it uninvited and you will meet a devistating demise.

This is where chao can have fun, play, and mess around with each other. Ocasionally, Sega characters will show up.
Chao living here:

Killer-male-Dark running with toothy grin, phoenix wings, feet, tail, and head piece- Swim, stron;, Running, strong; Power, normal; Fly, normal; Stanima, weak-5

Flip-female- beautiful flying hero- Swim, normal; Run, normal; Power, weak; Fly, strong; Stanima, weak-5

Pure-Female-Beautiful blue, orange, green and yellow tipped swim/power hero-Swim, normal; Fly, poor; Power, strong; Run weak; Stanima, poor-3

Skulla-Female-White with red "scarf" around her neck and red stripe down back- Swim, poor; Running, poor; Power, normal; Fly, poor; Stamina, poor-1

Jester-Male-Has all Condor parts-Flying, weak; Power, Run, Swim, Stamina poor-1

Emeryl- Female;A two-tone green neutral/fly/run chao, Tikal hair; Strong fly and run, normal swim, power, and stamina-5