Welcome to The Chao Garden
This is The Chao garden, where chao can have fun and play about. There's a few diferent areas where chao can have fun here. THere's the gardens which is a combination of all three gardens, the forest where wild chao live, and the competions arena where chao can have fun in silly races and karate classes.
This is a role play where you can play your own chao that you may have at home, and even learn a little bit more about chao.

Chao Garden Rules
This site is moderate, which means it'd probably be PG. There may be a little violence, but as these are chao, i doubt we'll get into anything too grafic. THe recommended age is 10 or above.

Now, let's set some ground rules for your chao.

1. No swearing. Unless your chao is extremly agnry at some random thing, there should be no reason for them to swear.

2. No spamming. No one likes spammers.

3. Keep this site PG. no indepth kissing or that, k?

4. Chao cannot start out with robot parts. Yes, having robot parts can be cool, but your chao must be severly injured to get robot parts, and these parts will interfger with it;s health.

5. Chao must wait 5 or more days to evolve, and a week or more to devolve.

6. Baby chao must start with weak in all stats. there are 5 levels for stats: poor, weak, normal, strong, and powerful. THere are also 5 main stats (if you've never pklyed the game) that include Swim, fly, Power, Run, and Stamina.

7. NO chao can start with stats above strong. You must wait to up your stats.

8. If you're dead, you must ask me for permission to visit the living. Also, you must ask me for permission tovisit the hell garden if you're in the heaven garden, and vice versa.

9. If some dies, they are DEAD! unless it's a late post. You an not change ut, unless you REALY want that chao to live, then ask me.

10. NO KILLING! no reason for it.

11. You must ask someone to be befriended to someone else. When you start out, you cannot say "befriended to (existing chao)". Befriended means you are BFF with that chao, and if it's male and female together, that could also mean they're mates.

12. you can only be befriended to one chao.

Rules will be adjusted if nedded.

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